About our Candidate

Daniel Lee is a long-time resident of Willowdale, the community where he chose to raise a family and start a business.

A pharmacist by training, Daniel has operated several pharmacies across Toronto. Through his work, he has combined entrepreneurship with a desire to help people. Undoubtedly, he has ensured many Canadians have accessed health care when they needed it most.

Additionally, he has been the President of the Korean Canadian Cultural Association. In this role, he has led efforts to bring awareness to the special relationship between Canada and Korea. He has thanked hundreds of Canadian Korean War veterans while also promoting trade, commerce and mutual understanding between Canada and Korea. As with many Koreans living in Canada, he has embraced all efforts to promote peace on the Korean Peninsula.

With this background – as an entrepreneur, a small business owner, a health care professional, a parent and a community-builder – he knows what it takes for everyone to succeed.